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Introducing our inaugural QR Code Magazine—a groundbreaking publication set to make waves across various establishments and communities. From doctors' and dentists' offices to barber shops, salons, gyms, and luxury high-rises, our magazine is strategically positioned to captivate diverse audiences.

For businesses seeking prime exposure, we offer exclusive advertising opportunities with competitive rates:
- Front Page Ad: $1500
- Back Page Ad: $1500
- Inside Page Ad: $750

Secure your space in our pages and seize the chance to showcase your brand to a discerning audience. This is a unique opportunity to align your business with cutting-edge trends and reach a diverse, high-profile readership.

Don't miss the chance to be part of our pioneering QR Code Magazine—reserve your ad space today and elevate your brand's visibility and impact!

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Dallas, TX

Tel: 951-347-5068

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