Updated: Aug 13, 2021


Ranking higher on google puts More Money directly in your pockets. One way to rank higher on google quickly is backlinks. By getting backlinks from high ranking businesses on google this will raise your rank on google.

I like to be there when my clients are looking for me. I don`t want to bother them with a bunch of random ads but When customers are searching for my services, I want to be easy to find. The first place most people look for a new barber is on google.

Backlinks are important to growing google rankings. Getting backlinks from high ranking google websites is the fastest way to grow your rankings. When another website posts content with a backlink to your website google counts it toward your rankings.

for example if I create a blog post about a barber in Tulum and I post a link to his website within the article, when i send the blog post out to my subscribers a percentage of them will click through to his website and this creates a precious "backlink".

Content creation with the mobile barber

Lets collaborate to create Barber content that gets people clicking on your website and booking more clients, as well as raise your rank on google.

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