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Luxury High Rises: (Dallas Tx)

Updated: Jul 14

We are doing a resident event exclusively for luxury high rises in the area. We're bringing together the perfect combination of convenience and class with our Haircuts & Headshots service.

We will arrange for our celebrity barber and photographer to set up our mobile barber stations and a professional headshot booth right in your common area. This unique experience will allow your residents to get cleaned up before having professional headshots taken, whether it's for their business needs or simply for posting on social media.

To enhance the overall experience, we're also including a whiskey tasting table featuring samples from local Texas distilleries. This added touch will surely make the event even more enjoyable for your residents.

Residents will have the option to sign up ahead of time or simply drop by on the day of the event. It's all about providing flexibility and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to take part in this exciting affair.

To schedule a date for this exceptional event, you can easily book online. making it a great value add for both your high rise and its residents. Don't miss out on this opportunity to offer a unique and luxurious resident experience.

Wondering what its like to book a mobile barber service? Here is a video of the mobile barber

Visiting the penthouse at the Ascent Victory Park in Dallas Texas to perform a haircut and shave service.

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