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Luxury Hotels & Properties

Luxury Concierge is our global software platform for hotels and luxury properties. Delivering mobile personal care services for guests and residents while generating a new revenue stream (via booking fees) for our hotels and luxury properties.

Luxury Concierge orchestrates the booking and payment process. Automatically deducting the percentage for booking fees and disperses payment to our service providers through our online booking portals (including: websites - mobile apps - call center - concierge desk kiosks.)

Founder Rashad Frizzell manages a team of developers and service providers innovating the mobile personal care industry. Mobile personal care services include but not limited to: haircuts, shaves, beard trims, massage, skin care, nail’s, pedicure, hair styling, blow outs, makeup, wedding styling, etc.

Trust and reliability. By partnering with reputable hotels and other luxury properties we attract top tier talent to join our growing team of service providers. Our software works for both the customer and service provider by saving time and increasing value.

Potential of growing the mobile personal care industry

The U.S. personal care market size was valued at USD 134.26 billion since 2016 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.58% over the next five years.

US personal care industry products -2014-2025(USD Billion)

Our software geo tags providers within their service area only booking providers on jobs near their primary place of business. Premium service offerings earn our providers more income with the upcharge for travel time and setup. We focus our marketing to demographics that are best suited for these premium services.

ü Consumers aged 35 to 44

Consumers between the ages of 35 and 44 years old make up the largest market for services. On average, consumers in this group spend $96.00 more on personal care items than the average US consumer. This group typically have established income streams, allowing them to make more discretionary purchases than other age brackets.

ü Consumers aged 45 to 54

Another major market includes consumers between the ages of 45 and 54 years old. This age bracket accounts for an estimated 23.0% of industry revenue. Clients within this age bracket typically have established forms of income and purchase higher-value added services,

ü Consumers aged 55 and older

Consumers who are 55 years old and older account for an expected 25.4% of the industry’s revenue. Within this age bracket, hair care services make up a much higher percentage of sales, as compared with nail care services. Consumers are more likely to purchase basic hair services such as haircuts and hair coloring, as opposed to more costly hair styling treatments. Therefore, the average sale per customer is lower within this market. Nonetheless, many elderly citizens with reduced mobility or arthritis opt to have their hair washed and styled weekly as a matter of convenience.

ü Consumers aged 25 to 34 and consumers under 25

Consumers between the ages of 25 to 34 represent an estimated 16.5% of the market. Because consumers within this age group are beginning to enter the workforce, their discretionary income level is lower than other age groups. Therefore, they are less likely to purchase expensive services. Consumers within this age group still make up a significant source of demand for personal care services, but they will more likely purchase basic hair and nail services. Consumers under the age of 25 are anticipated to account for a relatively low 8.1% of revenue for hair and nail

salons. Part of the reason for their lower share of the market is that consumers within this age bracket are more likely to purchase basic hair and nail services, as this age group typically has less discretionary income.

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