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Rate My Cut!

Updated: May 15

Are you a mobile barber looking to boost your ratings and increase your visibility? By posting and sharing content on the mobile barber app you'll have the opportunity to get featured in our local and national ad campaigns, including magazines, television, social media, billboards, and more.

Here's how it works:

1. Sign up by downloading the mobile barber provider app and completing the sign up process. Upload your best haircut images to your “rate my cut” gallery.

2. Share your “Rate My Cut” link with your clients via sms text, email and on social media. This will help increase the visibility of your gallery.

3. Earn points For every  share you'll earn points towards becoming the featured barber in local and national ad campaigns.

4. Keep an eye on your gallery to monitor the number of shares comments and ratings points you've earned.

5. Get featured Once a month, we will select the most shared barber to be featured in our local and national ad campaigns. Your success story will be showcased through billboards, magazines, television, social media, and various other marketing channels, providing unparalleled exposure for your mobile business.

Don't miss the opportunity to become the face of the mobile barber app. Show the world your talent and attract more clients!

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